Get Wiser When YOU Are 'In Worry'

What is the one question that gets you pondering? is it "What is my purpose?" or "What is my act of service?" NOOOOOOO...

I am sure I never wake up with any of those questions in my mind.It is more like;

"I wonder how I am going to pay my bills"  or
"I wonder what will be in stall for me today?" or
"It's raining; I need to take an umbrella today. I wonder when it will fine up?

"Whatever your question; you will always have one lurking in the midst of your mind; keeping you awake at night; in the wee hours of the morning; or distracting your daylight hours.

Did you know, one commonly asked questions is "What is love?"; and did you know one in five young people regularly wake up in the night to send or check messages on social media; and that people actually lose sleep over the fear of losing sleep? Oh; and one more; we cannot forget money or lack there of, is up there too.

Love, social media, sleep and money; "how do we get more; or less; of it?
"In the words of Dr. Seuss, 'life is a great balancing act'; and we have heard many times that, 'everything in life... has to have balance'.
How do we balance everything we do; the stresses, our desires and need for things; our enduring need for love and friendships; our desire to mitigate our losses and balance our failures with successes?

Well, one thing is for certain; we know we worry about a lot of stuff.
"What do you worry about most?" 
"When you are 'in worry' what happens?"
"When you are 'in worry' how is it affecting you?"

"Do you get angry, frustrated, or sad perhaps?"
"How do you feel when 'in worry'?"

Break Your Worry Cycle!
Break the cycle of feeling lousy when you get stressed or are 'in worry'.

Stop what you are doing; find a place to ponder for a few moments. ...take three slow deep breaths; in and out.
Focus your mind on your body as if you were inside it or watching it; hear your breathing; feel your body; use your senses to focus your mind on your body.
Now ask your body "where is stress manifesting in my physical body?"  

You will be able to feel it or see it somewhere in your body. It may be in you heart, or your lower back, or your leg, or even your stomach area.

It could be anywhere; however, it is unique to youso claim it and locate it.

Once you locate it, ask yourself , "when I am 'in worry', what am I feeling, seeing, sensing in this worry area?"

There may be a feeling of denseness or heaviness in you located stress or worry area. You might even be able to see it. It usually manifests as a darkened area in your body along with a heavy or dense sensation.
Take note of any feeling, vision, pictures, or other senses during this process.

Getting Rid Of 'It'
Now take two really large deep breaths.
The most important thing here is to relax and send the stress area all your loving thoughts... and that you are willing to let it go to a place of your choosing. It may be to your garbage bin in your backyard or to the outside universe. Settle on 'that place'; name it.
... and now say, "I willingly let you go to ...(name that place) forever from now on".  Release it with a forced breath out (to release it).

Healing Your Stress Spot - 'Seal Your Heal'
It's time to heal that area. Breathe in your favourite colour and send it to that old stress area. Some healing colours are green or pink if you need one to choose.
... and say, "I now send to this area of my body my favourite healing colour...(name the colour), so that you are revitalised and full of health". Send it with a loving forced breath out.
Now relax and come back to your 'reality'...wherever it may be.
Take note now of this area of your body and take note of any feelings or other sensations.

Feel Great Anytime

You can do this anytime and anywhere. It only takes a few moments with practice.. and you feel great.

Enjoy Your Getting of Wisdom

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